Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How do you spell relief?

In my case, it's the triumph of a completed book despite two major life upheavals (selling our beloved house in order to move into one suitable for my husband and I AND my father-in-law, who could no longer live alone, and a few months later, a cancer recurrence). I was SO close to finishing book 3 in my fantasy series, and then chemo brain stole it for several months.
Albinonix the dragon says, "Thanks for FINALLY featuring me on the cover!"

This book was originally titled "Mercy's Children" but after I completed the manuscript, I realized it would be difficult for my cover designer to create a cover that reflected the title AND the often intense conflicts within the story. My fantastic content editor, Alex McGilvery, came up with "Mercy's Battle." Thanks, Alex!
Fantastic cover by Perry Elisabeth
I am almost finished editing book 4, Mercy's King, and plan one more in the series: Mercy's Joy. But if, God forbid, the cancer returns before I can finish book 5, the first three can stand alone as a trilogy, so I am relieved!

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