Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Mystery, mermaids, and more!

The Book Dragon has read Shallows by Denver Evans and gives it 5 claws!

My review: "4.5 stars for an unexpectedly delightful story about a young inventor's encounter with the mermaids everyone in his island village fears. I say 'unexpected' because the story took twists and turns that surprised me and made for a rich reading experience. The story has a 17th century feel with realistic details and a nail-biting climax! The MC begins the story as naive and affectionately absent-minded, but the villagers go from seeing him as an oddity or an annoyance to a threat after he discovers the truth about the "mermaids." Recommended for anyone who likes fantasy with a fairy tale feel and, of course, mermaids.

Here's a better shot of the beautiful cover:

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A Powerful, Disturbing YA Dystopian

The Book Dragon has read Corinna Turner's I Am Margaret and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for this powerful, disturbing dystopian. The title character, Margaret (Margo) is an incredible young woman. Her faith and courage while facing unspeakable horrors is beyond inspiring. This reader will never forget her and hopes she could be half so brave if faced with similar persecution for her faith!

"A caution to parents: There are some graphic scenes of torture that are not gratuitous but have a very clear purpose. Even so, very young readers and/or the faint-hearted might have trouble reading them. Older teens will find Margaret's story unforgettable and inspiring, and they will want to continue with the next book in the series."

This book is also found on the Catholic Teen Books website.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A Heartwarming 3rd Installment in the Bird Face Series

The Book Dragon has read Cynthia T. Toney's 6 Dates to Disaster, the 3rd book in the Bird Face series and gives it 5 claws!
My 5 star review: "This was an excellent continuation of the Bird Face series and will greatly appeal to teens (and those of us who remember those years so clearly). The author continues Wendy's story with warmth and honesty as she deals with first love, a blended family, financial problems, desperately wanting to make enough money to visit an elderly friend and surrogate grandmother with Alzheimer's before it's too late, the unexpected problems that arise from her money-making scheme, and a friend's consequences to dating a boy with an alcohol problem. The story moves at a steady pace yet gives time to connect the reader to Wendy and her problems in a sympathetic way. Though part of a series, this book could be read without reading the first two (but it will be better if you read them first) and the ending, though perfect, will make the reader want to get the last book to find out what happens! A recommended clean book for teens."

This book is featured at Catholic Teen Books. Check out Ms. Toney's other books!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Unforgettable story about foster children

The Book Dragon has read The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch by T. M. Gaouette and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for a story that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming about foster children and a place where ten of them found a home in which love and faith abounded. As a former foster parent, this story really touched my heart and made me wish I could give these fictional foster children a big hug! The story is mainly told through Benedict's POV, but in several places other POVs are given, which was mostly effective. I recommend this book to everyone with a heart for children. You will never forget it!"
Here's a better picture of the lovely cover. This book is also found on the Catholic Teen Books site.