Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday New Book Spotlight: I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Along the Bumpy Road of Rural Life

Release day for the sequel to S. A. Molteni's warm and hilarious I. T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak is Sunday, November 1st.

If you can't wait, or if Halloween might distract you, you can always pre-order I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Along the Bumpy Road of Rural Life (Book 2) here:


After ditching a full-time career and moving to a small hobby farm to enjoy a slower pace and a healthier lifestyle, isn't everything supposed to be idyllic or "peaches and cream" as they say in the South? Well, not exactly ...

In this second installment of the "I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak" series, follow the author as she holds on for the ride, "along the bumpy road of rural life" where her friendly neighbors become not so nice and her farm animals evolve into completely coddled pets - with her Royal Palm turkeys becoming the most pampered ones of all.

There are still 3 more days to enter a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card on Molteni's website here.

While you're waiting, be sure to read the first book. I did, and wrote this in my review: "The author's 'voice' is friendly and honest and feels like a chat over coffee at her kitchen table. Great collection of short essays detailing the author's journey from corporate America to a hobby farm and including hilarious moments interspersed with poignant heartache."
Get it for only $0.99:

Kudos for Molteni's I. T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak:

Very good memoir of an individuals' account having left the business world to be both closer to family while building a farm from basically the ground up ... Well-done and I did enjoy!
- Don Kidwell - Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

The book is a collection of essays the author wrote about her experiences making the transition from I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak with the majority of the stories about adapting to her new life on the farm. At the end of most of these essays or stories the author tells the reader what the "life lesson learned" was for her... I found that by combining her stories with my experiences, I could also find additional lessons of my own. Maybe you'll find the same.
-Big Al's Books and Pals

Read more about S. A. Molteni at her website, twitter, and goodreads.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Potpourri Friday: Bits and Pieces

This clip has special meaning for me this week, and it has nothing to do with Christmas. I have been battling a recurrence of my lymphoma since the first of June, and yesterday finished my last infusion of chemotherapy. At the cancer center there is a bell that patients are encouraged to ring to signal the end of chemo. It felt good to ring that bell (and it sounded JUST like Zuzu's). I won't know for sure that this is over until November 18, but the end is in sight!

I also realized I did not post this video when it first aired in August. I was nervous about doing this interview while in the middle of chemo brain and mouth sores. I was so afraid I'd forget something or not be able to speak clearly, but it mostly went well, after my initial nervousness.

The other day I was thinking that having chemo brain must be what a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins feels like. LOL!

Monday, October 12, 2015

New Cover Reveal: Blue Hydrangeas

Design by Perry Elisabeth

What if the person who knew you best and loved you most forgot your face, and couldn't remember your name? A pair of retired Cape Cod innkeepers struggle with the wife's Alzheimer's. A beautiful love story written by a masterful storyteller who happens to be a nurse.
Amazon-rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Goodreads rated 4.11 out of 5 stars

Readers say:

"Heartbreakingly beautiful."

"I felt drawn to Jack and Sara from page one and find myself wondering about them even now.
The book is very well-written and believable."

"A heartfelt tender story that is entertaining and emotionally gripping!"

"A real page turner and it gives you insights of the daily life events living with this crushing disease called Alzheimer’s."

"While not a 'happily ever after' love story, Blue Hydrangeas is sure to be one you will ponder for some time after you have finished reading it."

Purchase Blue Hydrangeas in ebook, paperback, and audiobook

About the Author
Marianne Sciucco is not a nurse who writes but a writer who happens to be a nurse. A lover of words and books, she dreamed of becoming an author when she grew up but became a nurse to avoid poverty. She later brought her two passions together and writes about the intricate lives of people struggling with health and family issues. Her debut novel, Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story, is a Kindle bestseller, IndieReader Approved, a BookWorks featured book, a Self-e Selection, a 5-star Readers Favorite, and winner of IndieReCon’s Best Indie Novel Award, 2014. She's currently working on a YA novel, Swim Season, about the new girl on the team who challenges a longstanding school record, to be released in 2015. A native Bostonian, Marianne lives in New York’s Hudson Valley, and when not writing works as a campus nurse at a community college. She loves books, the beach, and craft beer, and especially enjoys the three of them together.

Connect with Marianne Sciucco

Why did I Write a Book about Alzheimer’s?