Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Uncommon romantic fantasy adventure

The Book Dragon has read Common by Laurie Lucking and gives it a whole-hearted five claws!
My 5 star review: "This story was a wonderful coming-of-age romantic fantasy following the journey of an immensely likable MC, the honorable, hard-working, courageous Leah. I have to add her to my all-time favorite list of heroines! The story is entirely from her POV and works well in first person. Her romantic interest and the several minor characters are well-drawn and believable, and the situation that unfolds has enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages to find out if and how Leah can overcome the unfair situation she finds herself in. I've read a few fantasies where the young heroine comes across as a bit whiny, but not Leah. Her determination, even when she's quaking with fear, makes her strongly sympathetic, someone to cheer for, and someone to emulate. Highly recommended for lovers of clean romantic fantasy adventure!"

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Indie e-Con Scavenger Hunt 2018 - Stop #5

Next hosted author on the Indie e-Con Scavenger Hunt is Kelsey Bryant!
Kelsey writes: "Hi, everyone! Katy, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. Isn't it thrilling to be at the 2018 Indie e-Con?

"One of my favorite things about fiction is the settings. To me, the best books take you to places that you can see and feel, and introduce you to people you'd love to meet. I'm from Texas, and the colorful Hill Country in the middle of the state inspired my first published work, Family Reunion, the first of the Six Cousins series. There's something comforting and homelike, as well as natural and wild, about the live oaks and bluebonnets, the coyotes and roadrunners. It's the ideal spot for a big family gathering . . . I love to write about families, their love and their drama.

"The sequel, England Adventure, takes the cousins to England. I'm an Anglophile, so writing this novel felt like planning my own trip to the land of literature, tea, historic houses, and cultural richness. (I've been blessed to visit there for real twice now.) Travel is an ideal plot device for putting people into life-altering situations, so important in fiction.

"My third novel, Suit and Suitability, was my first published venture into historical fiction, and I think I'm hooked on time-traveling. This is a 1930s retelling of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, and I took joy in researching 1930s Ohio and New York, where I set the story, and in figuring out how to transform Jane Austen's beloved characters into 1930s versions. This book is part of the Vintage Jane Austen series.

"If you're interested in learning more about me and my books, you can track me down through my website, Kelsey Bryant, Author. Have fun at the conference, everyone!"

Your fifth clue for the scavenger hunt is E. Your next stop is Dragonpen Press.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Jumping back into the submission pond!

Since the first of the year, I've set as my goal to submit at least one new piece each month. So far I've submitted nine pieces, and THREE have been accepted (so far). The first one is a haiku for a new journal.
Here's the link to the journal on Bonsai's site so you can read the other poems. They're all really short, so it won't take you long!
The next is a requested article that was difficult to write, but it looks like it's already helping those currently battling the Beast! Here's the link to Issues I Face.
Finally, here's a story I wrote years ago about a fictional cousin of Ursula de Veramendi, the noble Mexican wife of Jim Bowie, whom he met in San Antonio de Bejar in the early 19th century. I forgive the editor for using a photo of a modern girl wearing a Queen Elsa dress, since he was so nice to publish the story on his site! Here's the link to Beneath the Rainbow.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Imaginative fantasy for children of all ages

The Book Dragon has finished Tails by W. J. Scott and gives it five claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for a fast-paced, imaginative fantasy! Although the cover and interior illustrations make it seem a children's book, this story will appeal to fantasy readers ages 10-100. I loved the Silvertails, especially the main character Kywah. Their culture had a wonderful Native American feel to it. The details are realistic and sometimes very gritty, so I wouldn't recommend this for a younger child. The pace is almost flawless. A couple of flashbacks slow it down a bit, but it's fascinating information so won't take the reader out of the story. Although there is an ending, several loose threads will compel the reader to continue with the series."