Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A Fantasy of Friendship and More!

The Book Dragon has read H. L. Burke's Beggar Magic and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for an imaginative tale of friendship in an interesting world where people are separated into Highmost and Common, and the mysterious Strains are more than just ethereal background sounds. Common Leilani and Highmost Zebedy form an unusual friendship and find more than either expected when Zebedy receives her assignment to Research Manor and asks Leilani to be her aide, including heart-pounding danger. Recommended!"

Monday, April 10, 2017

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Superbly written fantasy set in Ethiopia

The Book Dragon has read The Enchanted Castle, book one in the Shioni of Sheba series by Marc Secchia and gives it 5 claws!

My review: "What a fantastically rendered story with the weight of legend behind it! I loved the character of Shioni and empathized with her struggles and cheered her bravery. I've been fascinated with African legends for many years but now I'm eager to learn more about Ethiopia and very anxious to read the rest of Shioni's adventures! Each character in this book is living and breathing, the setting realistically drawn with all 5 senses, and the suspense and danger is enough to stop your breath and make your heart beat faster without being too scary for younger readers. Bravo, Mr. Secchia!"