He Who Finds Mercy series

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Lovely historical fiction about an Italian family

The Book Dragon has read Rosa, Sola by Carmela A. Martino and gives it five claws!
My 5 star review: "This is a lovely story of a young girl from an Italian immigrant family in the 1960's. I love how Rosa grows during the story, and my heart aches for her and her family. I really liked how the author included so many Italian words to immerse the reader in the culture. The best thing about the story is how true it is to family and how that glue holds everyone together through tragedy. Highly recommended!"
This book is featured at Catholic Teen Books.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A beautiful and powerful Native American fairytale come to life!

The Book Dragon devoured White Wolf and the Ash Princess by Tammy Lash and gives it five claws!
Here's my 5 star review: "Out of the thousands of books I've read in my lifetime, there have been a handful that affected me profoundly and forever changed my heart. This is one of those books. It is not only a beautiful, powerful story, but it spoke to the deepest part of my soul with its gentle wisdom, the wisdom that comes from above, demonstrating God's love and the power of forgiveness in an amazing way. It made me cry, but good tears, cleansing tears. Ms. Lash has created characters who will live in my heart until the end of my days. I highly recommend this book, especially those who are hurting!"

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cover reveal! The end of an epic fantasy series!

This gorgeous cover by Perry Elisabeth represents the culmination of six and a half years, five books, and 650,000 words to tell an epic fantasy story. The journey of this tale is almost as fantastic as the tale itself!

The original version of He Who Finds Mercy was not publishable, as detailed in this article. Being a pack rat, I did keep the manuscript for several years, since there were elements of the story I really liked.

When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2011, I pulled the manuscript out of a drawer, tossed everything but the opening scene, and asked Prince Valerian and Mercy to tell me their story. I only meant it as a writing exercise to distract me in the grief of watching my hero, my larger-than-life father slowly and painfully die over the next eleven months.

Once I reached chapter 80, I realized this was more than one book and might take at least three to tell the whole story!

I honestly wasn't thinking "for publication" but after taking several chapters to my critique group, they encouraged me to query publishers and agents. I was still writing on the story and had the first book, Mercy's Prince edited when my non-Hodgkin's lymphoma suddenly and painfully came back late in May 2015. The pain was so excruciating my husband and I thought the doctor would say it was stage 4 and nothing to be done but pain control, so I found a pre-made cover, asked the designer to tweak it a bit, and self-published Mercy's Prince, dedicated to my father, as a good-bye to family and friends in early July 2015.

Thankfully the cancer was "only" stage 3 and chemo put it back in remission. So book 2 Mercy's Gift was published in September 2015. I dedicated that one to my cancer doctor, since Mercy is a Healer. When I gave her an autographed copy, she got tears in her eyes, saying it was the nicest thing anyone had done for her.

Chemo brain messed with the writing of the third book, Mercy's Battle. I originally planned to call it Mercy's Children, but the antagonist became such a horrible person and the Vandals were so bloodthirsty I didn't think that would reflect what was happening. My editor Alex McGilvery came up with that great title. I know there is some gruesome stuff in that book. I think it was partly the chemo and the pain mixed with research I'd done years ago for a magazine article on Apaches. I have worried ever since that it was too gruesome to bill as a "clean read."

Once Mercy's Battle was published in May 2016, I breathed a sigh of relief. Even though it wasn't the whole story, it was a reasonable stopping place, in case I couldn't finish the story. But God was merciful and I've been able to survive not only the cancer recurrence but two painful, unexpected moves, becoming a caregiver, having to give up several things that I loved, and the sudden, unexpected death of my mother the day before we were taking her to Hawaii. Mom gave me the opportunity to dedicate book 4 Mercy's King to her. I'd worried about that, since it's by far the saddest of all the books. It was VERY difficult to write, and somehow I managed to release it in May 2017 in the middle of packing for this last, most difficult move.

Now Mercy's Joy is about to be released, and I'm feeling sad because I've lived with and suffered with these beloved characters for so long, I'm going to miss them! I have a feeling I'm not finished writing about them, though. I'll just have to see what the future holds. I know no matter what, I am in good hands: God's.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A clever, magical children's story!

The Book Dragon has read Lia London's clever Marked by Magic and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for a clever, magical story that children ages 6 and up will enjoy. This is the kind of story that will fire a child's imagination, and if an adult is reading it aloud to them, will bring back fond memories of their own imaginings, for 12-year-old Lon and his sister, Livi find a real fairy mushroom ring in their backyard! Who would have thought being shrunk to six inches tall could be so dangerous? Follow Lon and Livi on the quest the fairy king and queen have given them so they can be restored to normal size. My only quibble is that Livi's speech makes her sound much older than seven. Next time I see a white moth, I'm going to check her feet, just in case it's really a fairy...."

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Beautiful Tolkien bio picture book

The Book Dragon has excitedly read John Ronald's Dragons: The Story of J. R. R. Tolkien written by Caroline McAlister and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler and gives it 5 claws!

My 5 star review: "Beautiful storytelling about one of my favorite authors, and the illustrations are perfect! I recommend this to all Tolkien fans. Don't let the "picture book" format discourage you from missing out on this great book! Great way to share Tolkien's life with younger readers, too."

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Time Travel Historical Fiction

The Book Dragon has read Loretta Livingstone's A Promise to Keep and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 for this wonderful sequel to Out of Time. Twelfth century England comes alive with vivid details, and Ms. Livingstone's characters are living, breathing people, those in the 12th century as well as those from the 21st century. Abbess Hildegarde is an even greater delight in this story, and the growing love between Sir Giles and Lady Isabella is a sigh-worthy secondary plot. But it's modern Shannon who's the heart of this tale, as she travels to the past to find a distraction from a broken heart and discovers much more, good and bad. I thought the ending dragged on just a bit, but the scenes with Father Dominic are too fun to miss, and then the final scene ties everything together in a brilliant way. Recommended for fans of historical fiction and time travel with more than a splash of romance."

A Promise to Keep is the sequel to Livingstone's excellent Out of Time, which I reviewed before Book Dragon started giving out claws. Here's my review of Out of Time, for I highly recommend you read both of these books:

"4.5 stars for this compelling time-travel story. Marion from 2006 is sent by a magical tree to the year 1191 to save an important historical figure's life. The peril this causes, both to Marion and Sir Giles, makes this book difficult to put down. Both major and minor characters of both times are well-drawn, and the ending is thought-provoking and resonates with this reader's heartstrings. The occasional head-hopping was a bit distracting, but the pace moved steadily, neither too slow nor too fast. Recommended for anyone who is intrigued by time travel and/or 12th century England."

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Imaginative fantasy that evokes Narnia!

The Book Dragon has reviewed The Tethered World by Heather L. L. FitzGerald and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "4.5 stars for this imaginative, witty adventure reminiscent of Narnia. I love that the story features a homeschooling family (since we were one) with an autistic child who has a special destiny. There are Trolls and Ogres and other scary creatures in this subterranean magical world along with Gnomes, Dwarfs, Elves, Fairies, and Nephilim. It's fun to experience this story through the eyes of the MC, the oldest child in the family though the climactic battle was over too quickly and too easily. Otherwise well-written with a steady, unfolding pace. I'm glad there are more books because this world and the characters can easily support a larger story."