Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Young Wife v. Old Wife

The Jones fam 1994
It occurred to me in the early morning hours (when I do my best thinking) that my attitudes have changed since I was a young wife and mother. There was a time when I enjoyed "time off" from my husband and sons. For years we were involved in Boy Scouts, and once a month hubby and the boys would be off on a campout. That was my writing binge time, so I eagerly looked forward to the peace and quiet. In our youth we think we have all the time in the world, so it's easy to take those we love for granted.

Since my own experience with cancer, I've lost several dear friends my age, and now my attitude has completely changed. I no longer look forward to separations from my husband, even an overnight, because that just means one less day and night to be with him, and those days and nights are more precious than all the riches this world can offer.
As the hero in my WIP says on page 351 of book 1: "That seems to be a great secret of life, to be happy with what you have and who you share your life with for as long as God wills."

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