Friday, October 16, 2015

Potpourri Friday: Bits and Pieces

This clip has special meaning for me this week, and it has nothing to do with Christmas. I have been battling a recurrence of my lymphoma since the first of June, and yesterday finished my last infusion of chemotherapy. At the cancer center there is a bell that patients are encouraged to ring to signal the end of chemo. It felt good to ring that bell (and it sounded JUST like Zuzu's). I won't know for sure that this is over until November 18, but the end is in sight!

I also realized I did not post this video when it first aired in August. I was nervous about doing this interview while in the middle of chemo brain and mouth sores. I was so afraid I'd forget something or not be able to speak clearly, but it mostly went well, after my initial nervousness.

The other day I was thinking that having chemo brain must be what a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins feels like. LOL!


  1. I hope you get positive news! :)

    1. Thank you! That is my hope as well! :D My doctor is very optimistic....

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