Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Much more than a coloring book!

The Book Dragon recommends Annie Douglass Lima's new book with coloring pages and activities all related to Bible verses and gives it a resounding 5 claws!
Here's my 5 star review: "This is so much more than just an 'adult coloring book.' There are fun pages with Scriptures to color which can then be removed and framed or given away, but there are also many word searches, crosswords, word scrambles, 'find a quote' and, a new one for me, 'letterdrop' puzzles, all using verses of Scripture! I love that not only is the book useful and fun, but that proceeds will be donated to translate the Bible for people who don't yet have Bibles in their own language! Buy one to keep and one (or more) to give away as gifts!"

At $8.99 for 144 pages of coloring and activities (plus an answer key in back), these books really would make great Christmas or birthday gifts. Actually, you would be giving a double gift with each purchase, knowing your money is going toward a good cause!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Hide it In Your Heart! I hope your readers enjoy it. I'd like to offer them a discount coupon! They can simply go to, enter coupon code JZBVVBH8, and receive 15% off of as many copies of the coloring book as they like!

  2. Thanks so much, Annie! That's a very generous offer!