Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Uncommon romantic fantasy adventure

The Book Dragon has read Common by Laurie Lucking and gives it a whole-hearted five claws!
My 5 star review: "This story was a wonderful coming-of-age romantic fantasy following the journey of an immensely likable MC, the honorable, hard-working, courageous Leah. I have to add her to my all-time favorite list of heroines! The story is entirely from her POV and works well in first person. Her romantic interest and the several minor characters are well-drawn and believable, and the situation that unfolds has enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages to find out if and how Leah can overcome the unfair situation she finds herself in. I've read a few fantasies where the young heroine comes across as a bit whiny, but not Leah. Her determination, even when she's quaking with fear, makes her strongly sympathetic, someone to cheer for, and someone to emulate. Highly recommended for lovers of clean romantic fantasy adventure!"

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