Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: Suspenseful and poignant sci fi sequel

The Book Dragon has read Nadia's Tears, Book 2 of Devya's Children by Julie C. Gilbert and gives it 5 claws!
My review: "This book continues the suspenseful story of Gifted children genetically enhanced by scientists who claim to have the motive of doing good in the world by these children. The head scientist, Dr. Devya, seems heartless to me and I definitely don't like the way he treats these children more as property than as individual human beings.

"One of the children, Nadia, has gone into a coma, and Jillian, who has escaped Devya's lab to live with her adopted family again, is enlisted to return to the lab(!) and help revive Nadia, if possible. In a parallel story that merges with Nadia's tale by the end, Jillian's babysitter Danielle is drawn into danger while trying to help a friend.

"Again, I'm glad the author chose to tell the story through journal entries, as it helps blunt the terror (but not the suspense) of children in grave peril, which would make it hard for this grandma to read. Since the reader is learning the story as the psychiatrist would learn it, it also makes the reader think about the story in a different way, imagining the psychological effect all of this would have upon the children.

"I recommend this story to anyone who likes to read thought-provoking and sometime mind-bending science fiction about important moral issues. I am anxious to continue the story of these remarkable children, and I only wish I could give each of them a hug. They all could use a lot of them!"

My favorite quote from the book, which really resonated with me as a cancer survivor affected at times by survivor guilt: "Living is the harder road, but it is by far the better one. Never be ashamed to survive."

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