Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A fantastic collection of short stories

The Book Dragon has read Secrets: Visible and Invisible, a collection of seven stories by different YA authors, and gives it a resounding five claws!
My 5 star review: This is one of the best short story collections I've ever read! Each one fits the theme perfectly, and yet no two stories were remotely alike. I felt like I'd opened a box of chocolates, and ALL of them were delicious! I especially like how the genre is identified at the beginning of each story. Many of them make you wonder if the author has written more about the characters, and in fact, many have!

Dystopian is not my favorite genre, but Corinna Turner's "The Underappreciated Virtues of Rusty Old Bicycles" is an intriguing title. This suspenseful story gripped me and made me anxious for young Margo and Bane, who just wanted to have a picnic and now are in danger from government soldiers hunting subversives.

In "Recreation" by Cynthia T. Toney, Elijah is a realistic teen and stole my heart as the story unfolds and he befriends an elderly neighbor in need of assistance. The ending is one of the most perfect ever! My favorite in the collection.

Theresa Linden's "The Portrait of the Firestarters" is about a youth group, and a painting that has changed each time they meet is mysterious and compelling. An effective device to show how important it is not to judge on appearances.

A gritty historical piece by Susan Peek with a kapow title "On the Brink of Hell" puts the reader in the middle of the scene with the battle-injured Dario. A powerful experience of the power of redemption. Bravo!

I love the tone of T. M. Gaouette's "Sister Francesca." It feels like a legend, even though the setting is modern.

The main character in Carolyn Astfalk's "Behind the Wheel" is so human and so endearing. As a Mom I alternately wanted to shake the MC and hug him. A poignant coming-of-age story!

Leslea Wahl's "More Precious Than Gold" is a fun mystery, and readers of The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role will enjoy seeing those characters together in this story.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Katy! I'm so happy you enjoyed our short stories.