Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A chilling science fiction story

The Book Dragon has read Ashlynn's Dreams by Julie C. Gilbert and gives it a resounding 5 claws!
My review: "This is a stunning debut novel cleverly told in journal entries, which adds to its authentic feel even though it's science fiction in a contemporary setting. If the story had been written as a more traditional narrative, the horror of the situation and the terror experienced by the genetically-modified children would have been difficult to present as a "clean read." In this format, the suspense and drama is actually heightened and made this an unforgettable read.

"The title character, Ashlynn, has been raised as Jillian and had no idea she was created in a test tube until she was kidnapped at age 12, along with her babysitter Danielle, by the scientists who designed her and her "siblings." The details are realistic, and the reader feels tremendous empathy for Jillian, Danielle, and the other children. Moral issues are brought to light and make the reader wonder what would YOU do in a similar situation. Though not a comfortable story, it resonates deeply and will make me think for a long time. Although it's the first of a series, it does have a resolution, but the knowledge that Dr. Devya is still out there and Jillian probably hasn't seen the last of him will make this reader want to continue and find out what happens next....Recommended to readers who like thoughtful science fiction will find this story compelling."

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