Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Review by the Book Dragon: A mind-bending magical romp

The Book Dragon has finished Spindle (Two Monarchies Sequence #1) by W. R. Gingell and gives it 4 claws!
My 4 star review: "Having read a previous book by this author (Masque) in which I found her prose sparkling and her characters delightfully quirky, I wanted to try this one, which seemed to be a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. There is a curse, and the main character Polyhymnia (Poly) is awakened after sleeping for 300 years by the kiss of a handsome....enchanter named Luck. There the resemblance to Sleeping Beauty ends. The story is as weird as Alice in Wonderland in places, and so I almost put the book down (I've never liked that story), but because Poly's plight was so sympathetic, and Luck was so strange, I pressed on, and I'm glad I did. I prefer my fantasy more straightforward, but the strength of the two main characters, along with a cast of memorable minor characters, carried this story. The author is very talented at writing descriptions and brings the reader into the story. I'm still confused by some of the magical situations, but that is probably just me. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a mind-bending magical romp with a strong dash of romance."

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